PideXX is a multilingual management software for the club
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2.6.7 (See all)
  • PIDEXX 2.6.4 installation on Windows 10
    It's impossible to say whether the application is available for installation on Windows 10 or not. I have checked the official website, but nothing could... Read more
  • ".VAL file is out of date" error while running PIDEXX on 64-bit PC
    Probably one of the VAL files in /Program Files/Benzing/Pidexx/db is corrupted, and should be renamed/deleted/renewed. Try reinstalling the software... Read more


PideXX is a multilingual management software for the club, with which pigeon data can be inserted, changed or deleted, both in the PC and in the clocking device. In addition PideXX offers MS Excel-based evaluation as well as the export of the complete “race files” for 3rd party evaluation software. When using the BENZING M1 device, the complete season map can be created and downloaded with the PideXX software.

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